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7 Ways BillboardLED Will Propel You Above the Competition

Crisper Images

Our software features patented Image Enhancement Technology that automatically creates crisper looking graphics on our LED signs than traditional displays. BillboardLED’s proprietary technology processes your content files and then re-creates and optimizes them to maximize how the graphics look on the LED display. As a result, the technology achieves a result similar in quality to hiring a professional to optimize your files.


Pictured: A side-by-side comparison of two 15mm LED signs. One with the BillboardLED Image Enhancement Technology on the left versus one that uses Standard display technology on the right.

Pictured: 4mm LED sign

Brighter Screen

Our digital signs use ultra bright 5mm LEDs that are extremely high quality for a brighter output. These LEDs are also high efficiency, which provides better energy savings as well as a longer lifespan.

A more luminous digital sign will help your business stand out and potentially increase sales. One study showed that adding a sign yielded an average 4.75% increase in sales. Learn more about how signs directly impact business performance in this report from the Sign Research Foundation.


Our signs are designed and manufactured to be able to endure extreme natural conditions. Our modules are manufactured using high quality GE Polymer and high quality 5mm LED lights that are presorted and graded exclusively for us. Together with our proprietary sealing and design, this allows us to use an 8×8 Pixel Module while not sacrificing the superior quality. Consequently, our signs have the flexibility and finer resolution to better accommodate dimension constraints.

Pictured: Software preview

One-of-a-Kind Software

As the soul of the LED Display, our software is developed by our exceptional team of experienced software engineers. This results in an industry-leading software with many cutting-edge and trend-setting features.

Five-Year Warranty

All our digital billboards include a standard 5-year warranty with an optional extended warranty. Moreover, we maintain parts availability for all current products and for 5 years after products are phased out.


UL Approved

All of our LED signs are UL approved, meeting regulations and ordinance requirements. In the U.S., electric signs must comply with the provisions of the National Electric Code and UL48 Standard for Electric Signs. Internationally, enclosures must be waterproof and hold a rating by the International Protection Code system.


Our digital displays are plug and play out of the box. However, we are also happy to help with custom LED sign projects. If a need arises for custom features, our capable software engineers have the ability to write codes and perform a custom system integration to address your needs.

Contact us today to discuss your custom digital sign project.

Pictured: TD Waterhouse